Freshly Roasted Coffee - "Drink What Thou Wilt" Single Origin From Sham City Roasters, Hastings, Aleister Crowley


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DRINK WHAT THOU WILT (Brazilian Yellow Catuai) Medium/Dark roast

Notes: Caramel, Creamy, Nutty

Ethically sourced, washed, Arabica Brazilian beans from the Minas Gerais area. This single origin coffee is grown 800 - 1350m above sea level on the Ipanema estate which gives 60% of its area to nature sanctuaries which are maintained by the coffee growth on the remainder of the land. This bean is creamy and heavy with notes of caramel and citrus and is very versatile to both espresso and filter.

Our brand new Hastings Legends Collection aims to celebrate the history of our amazing home town through a couple of very different famous past residents!

This coffee is dedicated to Aleister Crowley, the infamous "wickedest man in the world" who spent his final years living on The Ridge in Hastings. Crowley was a bisexual occultist, writer, mountaineer and (lets be honest, terrible) poet. He was a pioneer for sexuality and a drug advocate and founded the religion of Thelema coining the term "Do what thou wilt" to describe a lifestyle of living your true will through ritual magick. In the years after his death, Crowley would go on to influence everything from heavy metal musicians to chaos magicians to Hastings residents (via his famous "Crowleys Curse") and remains an iconic cultural figure to this day.

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