Freshly Roasted Coffee - "Identity" Single Origin From Sham City Roasters, Craft filter coffee roasted in Hastings, UK


IDENTITY (Ethiopia Sidamo) Light/Medium Roast

Notes: Lemon, Citrus, Floral

Ethically sourced, washed, Arabica Ethiopian beans. This single origin coffee is grown in the furthest south province of Ethiopia at an altitude of 1600-1900m above sea level. This area considered to have the ideal climate for coffee growth and this bean has a perfect mixture of acidity and body making for an extremely smooth final cup!

Our brand new Hastings Legends Collection aims to celebrate the history of our amazing home town through a couple of very different famous past residents! This coffee is dedicated to Poly Styrene of the legendary X-Ray Spex who was inspired to form a band by a Sex Pistols performance on Hastings pier and would go on to live much of her later life in North Street, St Leonards. Poly was the first woman of colour to front a successful British band and was an inspiration to millions of young women. She was fearless and refused to conform to anyone's expectations or standards and in our opinion was one of the most important cultural figures of the century!

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