Black Christmas Single Origin Brazilian Cerado Peaberry Coffee From Sham City Roasters, Xmas, Christmas coffee, Krampus


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"Black Christmas” Limited Edition Single Origin Brazilian Cerrado Peaberry Coffee from Sham City Roasters

Our brand new limited edition Single origin Brazilian Coffee. Italian roast bringing out the rich flavours of this delicious bean.

Notes: Apricot, Raspberry, Wine

Ethically sourced, natural Brazilian Cerrado Peaberry beans sourced from the DBarbosa Farm in Minas Gerais, East Brazil, grown at 1100m above sea level. This Peaberry bean has been picked whilst very ripe and fermented in the sun until dry which develops its sweetness and a wine like acidity. The family farm that produces the bean do a great deal of work to maintain local wildlife and have recently dedicated 186 hectares of land to start a local nature reserve. These Peaberry beans are smaller than typical coffee beans and, frankly, are super cute as well as being delicious!

All bags are roasted and ground to order, supplied in a bag with a one way valve to keep your coffee even fresher!

Available in 150g, 250g or 500g bags!

How do you like to brew your coffee?
When buying your coffee you will be able to tell us if you want whole beans or if you want us to grind it specially for your brew method! This will give you the finest results when you brew at home! Options include French Press, Chemex, Aeropress, Espresso, Brewer/V60 or Siphon.
Not sure or want to use the coffee in various ways?
No problem! Choose our General Use option and we will grind it to a level that works well in all brewing methods!

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