Coffee Mug Gift "Live Fast Decaf Never" from Sham City Roasters, Specialist Craft Coffees Roasted In London


"Live Fast Decaf Never" White Branded Mug

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About us


Sham City Roasters provide freshly roasted craft coffees for caffeine lovers to brew at home.

Every one of our specialist blends is roasted to order and shipped to you the next day so that the coffee is at it's finest when it arrives on your doorstep. You can choose your method of brewing and the coffee will be sent to you specifically ground to the perfect level for your brew method, we can also provide full beans for you to grind yourself at home.

All of this, along with our love of the black stuff and the care and attention to every area of the roasting/blending process provides you with coffee unlike any you have tasted before, providing brighter flavours, better quality and a much finer cup of coffee.

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