Freshly Roasted Coffee - "White Riot" Single Origin Roast From City Roasters, Craft filter coffee roasted in Hastings, UK


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White Riot blend from Sham City Roasters

Our light roast. Single origin Guatemalan beans. A light, fruitier coffee with rich caramel flavours.

Notes: Caramel, exotic fruit, Hazelnut

Ethically sourced, washed, Arabica beans from the Antigua region of Guatemala. Sourced from multiple family run microlots through the El Pensativo Cooperative, these beans are grown between 1550 - 2000m above sea level and are provided with an abundance of nutrients from volcanic activity in the area and are washed and sun dried on the roofs of houses on the steep mountain side.

All bags are roasted and ground to order, supplied in a bag with a one way valve to keep your coffee even fresher!

How do you like to brew your coffee?
When buying your coffee you will be able to tell us if you want whole beans or if you want us to grind it specially for your brew method! This will give you the finest results when you brew at home! Options include French Press, Chemex, Aeropress, Espresso, Brewer/V60 or Siphon.
Not sure or want to use the coffee in various ways?
No problem! Choose our General Use option and we will grind it to a level that works well in all brewing methods!

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